Heather Palmer, contributing writer, Heather Palmer Photography

To me the worst part of getting our family pictures, by far, is choosing what we are going to wear.  I can never decide. I know I’m not alone in this! It has taken me a long time to figure out some awesome tips, but they are finally here!

  1. Find a color palette. Choose coordinating colors, not matching outfits. Pick a couple of main colors then choose a few more that fit in that color scheme.
  2. Pick your outfit first.Let’s be honest, if you choose something to wear and hate how it looks on you, you will think about it every time you see that photo. Since all the other people in my family are boys, I choose my outfit first and have them match me. Sometimes it’s easier if I start with what I love and go from there.
  3. Location, location, location! If it’s winter and everything is white, I suggest wearing a color that “pops.” For example, if you wear white you will blend in, but if you wear red you will stand out. This goes for really green locations as well. If the family above was all wearing green they wouldn’t stand out.
  4. No distracting patterns or large logos. As much as my kids love certain name brands of t-shirts, I never have them wear distracting shirts for family pictures. Think more texture and less pattern.
  5. Choose comfortable clothing. This especially goes for young children. If they are itchy and uncomfortable in their clothing it is going to be difficult to keep them happy during the photo session. Keep this in mind for shoes as well. If you are going up the mountains for pictures, really high heels may be hard to get around in. If they are a must for you, I suggest bringing flip flops to walk around in and then changing your heels for pictures.
  6. Add Accessories and textures. Ties, scarves, fun shoes, necklaces, hats, and jackets add a ton to photos.
  7. Avoid bright colors. I’ve learned this the hard way.Colors reflect, and bright neon colors will cast that color onto your face.
  8. Choose colors to match your home décor. Since you will be hanging the photos in your home (I hope!), have them match your decor.
  9. Plan ahead. Lay your family’s picture clothing out well before your session to relieve stress. This way you know everything is clean and ready to go.
  10. Think classic. You will treasure these photos for a lifetime. Choose classic clothing that have a timeless feel.