Visionary Homes
Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Jeff Jackson and Justin Cooper merged their individual home building companies to form Visionary Homes in 2004. They shared ideals for providing uncompromising quality, integrity, and craftsmanship, and had combined experience to build what they believe is the best home available. Their portfolio includes three brands: Visionary Homes, Mount Sterling Custom Homes, and Ironwood Construction, a commercial arm.

Jeff Jackson and Justin Cooper

Jeff Jackson and Justin Cooper, owners of Visionary Homes

“We are both homegrown,” Justin said. “We started small, building one or two homes a year, and have grown it to where we are now.

Where they are now is a leading builder in Cache Valley and beyond, producing 530-550 homes this year and employing about 130 people, with an additional 1,700 subcontractor employees working on their job sites on any given day.

As the pandemic hit, Jeff and Justin made the decision to take all the precautions they could to keep their employees and customers safe and continue moving forward.

“When we look at our business, we have to look at the future,” Justin said. “Our product takes awhile to get to the market, so our focus has to be on what six months from now looks like. We know that when we come out of this, people are still going to want homes — they still have to have homes — and we will be ready.”

Jeff and Justin said it is important to them to not only keep their own employees working in their offices, but also to consider the trade workers that they have longstanding relationships with and ensure they can keep working too.

“With every challenge comes opportunities to learn,” Jeff said. “We’ve learned an awful lot about how to go virtual. We’ve had to change over some internal structures, which are things we will continue to do as we continue to expand across the state. This has helped us to get there a little faster.”

Families are spending more time than ever inside the walls of their homes and the Visionary Homes team is ready to create and build a place where memories can be made, and moments can happen.

“It is still a great time to buy,” Justin said. “Interest rates are at historic lows.”


Visionary Homes would like to thank all the safety and medical workers and the public for being wise and compliant.

“Cache Valley people — and Utah people as a whole — have responded quickly and complied with guidelines to keep our community and state safe,” Justin said. “The result is that we haven’t been hit as hard as we could have been, and we are seeing a quicker recovery. Thank you for what you have done!”