Deputy Virgil Hutton

Schae Richards, community editor 

Deputy Virgil Hutton always had a passion for police work, even when he was younger.

He worked in sales most of his life, but when his family moved to Cache Valley, he decided it was time to make a change for the better.

Deputy Hutton started to follow his dream when he applied to the police academy at Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC). He completed the program in 2012.

Afterward, Deputy Hutton went to work for the Cache County Sheriff’s Office.Sergeant Mikelshan Bartschi said Deputy Hutton has been a great asset to the Sheriff’s Office.

“Deputy Hutton came to the Cache County Sheriff’s Office from Florida,” Sergeant Bartschi said. “Being a transplant to the Valley, he has successfully embodied the mission we strive to accomplish of working cooperatively with the citizens we serve.”

Deputy Hutton has stayed busy since his arrival at the Sheriff’s Office almost six years ago. He started as a corrections deputy, and now has been with the Patrol Division for three years. He has also been an instructor at the police academy at BATC for four years.

He also regularly volunteers at community events, such as Shop with a Cop, The Polar Plunge and the Special Olympic Torch Run, and is in the process of creating a youth obstacle course to be used at summer events.

Deputy Hutton’s additional duties include the following: Honor Guard, S.W.A.T., defensive tactics, and scenario instruction. He also serves as a Sheriff’s Town and Area Representative (STAR) for the Sheriff’s Office.

“Being STAR Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office is a vital position,” Sergeant Bartschi said. “The town cars are the face of the Sheriff’s Office and work directly with each city on law enforcement and community-related issues. Deputy Hutton has jumped into his position with both feet.”

Deputy Hutton is assigned to the City of Hyrum where he spends quite a bit of time interacting with the people and building a strong relationship with the community.

“Hyrum is just as important as any other community that we serve,” Deputy Hutton said. “It’s a coveted position to be able to work with the mayor, town council, utility workers, and the people to handle and resolve issues.”

As part of the STAR deputy program, he also spends a lot of time visiting the schools in Hyrum and interacting with the students.

“This program brings me into the schools to have a positive interaction with the kids,” Deputy Hutton said.

For Deputy Hutton, this job gives him the chance to make a difference in his community.

“My mission is to be involved with the community,” he said.

Deputy Hutton’s passion is one of the many things that sets him apart from his peers.

He is a prime example of what every law enforcement officer should strive to be,” said Sheriff Chad Jensen. “He is community oriented, patient, listens, and works with everyone in the community he serves. He focuses on solving problems. This often results in an arrest, but many times, he is a conduit for communication between citizens, the motorists, and city officials. We are proud to have Deputy Hutton as part of our Sheriff’s Office family.”

In addition, Sergeant Bartschi said he appreciates the way Deputy Hutton serves the community.

“One of the core tenets of the Sheriff’s Office mission is to provide community protection,” Sergeant Bartschi said. “Deputy Hutton has been very diligent in studying case law to aid him in developing his criminal interdiction skill sets. He has quickly been able to demonstrate his ability to keep our streets safe by finding impaired drivers on alcohol or drugs. Deputy Hutton’s fervent drive and dedication to our community have set him apart from his peers. We are honored to work with Deputy Hutton.”

When he’s not on the clock, Deputy Hutton is spending time with his family.

“We like to spend time together,” he said. “We usually leave town when we can.”

He also likes to work out several days a week because “it’s a good outlet” for him.

Deputy Hutton currently resides in Smithfield with his wife and family.