written by Cami Graham, contributing writer, tidbits-cami.com

Do you ever get stuck fighting an inner battle where you desperately want to create with your own two hands, in your own little world, and knowing there is a world of precious little ones who also desperately want to create with their own little two hands. . . but they need your help?

Fighting that internal battle is how these Valentine Yarn Hearts were born. I think I won! You see, my kids were aching to create and I was aching to create, so I decided to combine the two.

This project turned out to be fun for me to make and display, and my kids had a wonderful time creating them, too, just in time to feel a little festive Valentine excitement.


The supplies for this project are basic, and the process is simple. All you need is yarn, tape, and cardboard. You can use cardboard from shipping boxes, a sturdy cereal box, or whatever else you can find.

First trace and cut your heart shape out of the cardboard. To make wrapping the yarn easier for kids, tape the end of the yarn onto the cardboard heart.

Then start wrapping it around in every direction possible. Keeping it tight is key.

Wrap until all the cardboard is covered and finish with a few loops around the center of the heart.

If you want a loop to hang the heart, simply cut the yarn end and loop it into the yarn that is tightly wound around the heart.

Finish it off with a couple of knots and tuck the end inside the yarn for a cleaner look.

Hang the the hearts around your home for a cute and festive Valentine garland. If you learn best with video or need more step-by-step instructions, visit tidbits-cami.com and search for Valentine Yarn Hearts.