Too many mashed potatoes and veggies? This shepherd’s pie combines turkey and veggies in a savory sauce, topped with creamy mashed potatoes. It’s the perfect comfort food for the day after Thanksgiving.

shepherd's pie copy

Ingredients: *serves 6

For the stew:

2 ½ – 3 cups shredded or cubed turkey

Salt and freshly ground pepper

2 ½ cups chicken stock

¼ stick of butter

½ T olive oil

1 cup chopped onion

¼ cup + 2 T all-purpose flour

¼ cup half and half

3 medium carrots, peeled, chopped and blanched for two minutes. (Or you can just use leftover roasted carrots).

1 cup frozen, fresh or canned peas

½ cup frozen small whole onions

¼ cup minced fresh parsley + some for garnishing

¼ cup parmesan cheese, grated

For the mashed potatoes:

4 large russet potatoes

¼ stick of butter

salt, pepper

About ½ cup half and half cream


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. In a small saucepan, heat the chicken stock. In a large pot, melt the butter and olive oil and sauté the onions over medium-low heat until translucent. Stir often so they don’t burn. Add the flour and cook over low heat for two minutes, stirring constantly.
  3. Add the hot chicken stock and simmer over low heat for one minute, or until thick.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon pepper, and half and half cream. Mix in the turkey, carrots, peas, onions and parsley.
  5. Place the stew in an 8×10’’ baking dish. Place the dish on a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment (the stew will sometimes overflow while cooking). Bake for 15 minutes.
  6. While the stew is baking, make the mashed potatoes. Thoroughly wash the potatoes, peel them and chop them into one-inch pieces. Cook them in boiling water until soft enough to spear with a fork, 5-10 minutes.
  7. Drain the water and mash the potatoes. Add the butter and slowly add the cream until the right consistency. (Amount may vary depending on how creamy you like your potatoes).
  8. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  9. After 15 minutes, carefully remove the stew from the oven. Spread the mashed potatoes evenly on top of the stew, and sprinkle Parmesan cheese and some chopped parsley on top.
  10. Bake for another 15-20 minutes, or until cheese is melted and beginning to turn golden-brown.
  11. Allow to cool for 10 minutes, and serve warm.