Ruth Ann Holloway

Ruth Ann Holloway, aesthetician, Dermal Dimensions Progressive Skin Therapy

Tara Bone, contributing writer

Tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac in Providence lives Ruth Ann Holloway, a skin care pioneer who helped set standards for an industry and turned challenges into a passion to help others.

As a teenager, Ruth Ann became interested in skin care because she had severe acne. She consulted Dr. Hardy, a dermatologist practicing in Ogden, who was the first person to talk to her about becoming an esthetician. Ruth Ann said she became determined to study everything she could about the profession but found obstacles.

“I researched being an esthetician and couldn’t find any education for that profession, or any licensing,” Ruth Ann said. “I wrote to the state of Utah and explained what I wanted to get an education in and they wrote back (I still have the letter) and asked if it could be called something else.”

Family members even questioned her, saying “No one can even pronounce the word esthetician,” Ruth Ann recalled. However, she persevered and found an educator trained in Europe, with a private school, who taught her the European methods of Aesthetic Theory and the practical application of Professional Aesthetic Skin Therapy. Ruth Ann’s studies led her to work with physicians in Beverly Hills, Washington State, Florida, Arizona and Texas.

Now Ruth Ann is a Utah Licensed Master Aesthetician with more than 30 years of experience. A highlight of her career was writing the legal draft for Utah’s two-tiered Master Esthetician and Esthetician License. This became Utah State Bill HB 105 and passed the Utah legislature in 2001.

Pins from all of the states Ruth Ann has helped with their licensure processing over the years.

Ruth Ann was the first Licensed Master Aesthetician to serve on the Utah State Board of Cosmetology and Associated Profession serving for eight years. She spear-headed the task of writing Utah’s licensure test, and has worked with several other states to help them develop their licensure process. Ruth Ann has also helped publishers write text books for the Master-Advanced esthetics level of study.

In 1991, Ruth Ann opened her own business, Dermal Dimensions Progressive Skin Therapy. She also works with labs to formulate her skin care line called VitaDermRx. She has approximately 300 clients from across Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. She even works with some of her client’s grandchildren.

The reason she does it all is because she has seen how her work changes lives and instills confidence.

“Skin is my passion,” Ruth Ann said. “To see someone’s skin change then their life change, for me, is very rewarding. I’ve felt I’ve done something good to help someone.”

Ruth Ann is happy to call Cache Valley home. When time allows, she paints, sews and creates stain glass. She loves spending time with her husband Jim, six children, 12 grandchildren and their pet bunny, Merlin.