Jessica Dana, travel advisor, One Swell Travel

With spring travel right around the corner, are you ready to travel in a post pandemic world? I know we sure are! We all know that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, travel came to a screeching halt. While the pandemic might not be completely over, travel is back and waiting for you and your family! The real question is are you ready? Are you ready to get out of the house, out of town, out of the cold, and have an adventure? If you answered yes, then here is what you need to know about what travel looks like now and how you can protect your family while you create fantastic memories.

While traveling might seem scary right now, with the heightened sanitizing procedures, reduced capacities, required masks, and health screenings, there is actually less illness transmission than ever before when getting from one place to another. Hotels, resorts, airplanes, activities, and shopping centers, as well as many other places, have made massive improvements in their procedures and policies to improve the spread of bacteria. Maybe some of these things should have been put into place a long time ago, pandemic or not. The extra sanitation, cleanliness, crowd spacing, and easier cancelation policies are highly welcomed changes that hopefully stick around for a lot longer than government-regulated mandates.

While travel is making a slow comeback, it is predicted to make a huge recovery in the near future as more regulations are lifted and people feel more comfortable. However, there are now more things to consider when planning your getaway. It is now more important than ever to make sure you are completely prepared to travel so that your vacation isn’t ruined by something that could have been prevented if you knew about it ahead of time. From knowing the current regulations where you are going to knowing if the swimming pool is open at the resort you will be staying at, there are many things that will affect the enjoyment of your adventure.

Here are some tips to consider when planning your next getaway to make sure you are prepared:

Is a COVID test required for traveling to your destination? Ifso, what are the specific requirements? For example, how farin advance do you need to get tested? What kind of test (nasalswab/saliva) is required? Are there specific testing sites that mydestination approves, or can you test anywhere? Do you needto be tested before returning home from your trip? Does it costanything to get tested?

What are the current regulations where you will be going? Are businesses and restaurants open and operating completely? Are masks required? Are activities and public areas openand accessible? Be sure the things you are wanting to do are available beforehand, so you are not disappointed when you arrive.

Is your reservation refundable? If someone in your party gets sick, can you cancel free of charge and get your money back? Travel insurance only protects so much, so make sure your investment is fully protected.

What is the current status at the hotel or resort you are goingto? Are the swimming pool, gym, or other facilities open and atwhat capacity or status? Are they serving breakfast as usual, oris it grab-bag style?

What do you do if you get sick or come down with symptomswhile traveling?

There are many places that are open, ready, and waiting to welcome guests back! Whether you want to hit the road for a family road trip or hit the sky for a beach vacation, travel is ready for you. It could be helpful to ask a travel professional to help arrange your vacation so they can make sure you are fully aware, prepared, and protected before you head off on your adventure. 

Whatever your next family memory looks like, grab your mask and hand sanitizer, and go chase it!