by Emily Orr

spring cleaning



Now that it is finally starting to warm up here in the Valley, we all need some inspiration to de-junk and clean our homes. It is the perfect time to cut back on the items that we may have acquired over the long winter. Here are a few keys tips to help you organize key areas in your home:


  • Go through your pantry and get rid of expired food. However, many canned foods stay good well past the expiration date.
  • Take everything out of your fridge and give the space a good scrub down. Clean out all drawers, and again make sure there is no expired food! (This should be done every 2 weeks, but it’s always a good reminder!)
  • Go through your cupboards. Discard containers that no longer have lids or matching counterparts and are just taking up space.


  • Go through your kid’s closets. Any clothes that no longer fit should be set aside to either pass on to a younger sibling or donate.
  • Save the shape of your boots with rolled up magazines or cut pool-noodles. Then, move those boots out of the way and make room for summer and spring footwear.
  • Use space bags to shrink down bulky winter wear, and then store in a dry place for the next few months.

Family rooms:

  • Go through all movies, computer/video games and boards games. Discard anything that is broken or missing pieces.
  • Go through all toys and get rid of any that are broken. Or if they are no longer played with, but in good condition, be sure to donate them with those clothes you’ve already collected.

Put this checklist to work and you’ll be off to a great start on your spring cleaning.