Mother and children dressed up for Halloween

by Schae Richards, community editor 

Trick or treat! Halloween is creeping its way into town. What better way to celebrate this ghoulish holiday than knocking on doors for a handful of candy?

But sometimes there’s that dreaded task: finding or making a costume that fits your style but doesn’t break your budget. Don’t know where to start?

Danielle Munk, a local homemaker who loves to craft, gives five steps on how to make knockout costumes for you and your family.

  1. Make a plan. Start by looking for ideas online and in stores. Find a few different costumes you like and pick elements from each one that you might want to incorporate into your costume. Next, sketch a drawing using a paper-type doll, or even a sheet of paper. Outline your costume using the ideas you found
    and adding some personal touches.
  2. Pick your materials. Now that the sketch is finished, you have an idea of what materials you need and how much you should buy. Starting from scratch can be costly, so look for sales at stores — and don’t forget coupons. Try visiting a thrift
    shop to get materials or even purchasing them online, depending on what you find in stores. When picking materials, it’s a great time to look at patterns and get more ideas on how to design your costume. You can even make your own patterns to use later on.
  3. Start assembling. It’s time to build
    your costume. Stay organized by labeling patterns, storing materials in containers and keeping related items together. If you’re making the same costume for several people, complete each element before moving onto the next one. Remember that everyone’s body shape is different, so try on the costume before final touches. Then you can go back and make necessary alterations.
  4. Make it your own. Take the time to really personalize your costume — you want it to have that “wow” factor. And don’t be afraid to test different styles to see what fits best.
  5. Pay attention to detail. Details matter. Once finished, take some time to add last-minute touches that will add an extra punch. Even small things, such as face painting and
    accessories can make a big difference.