Age Range of Child: 2- 12 yrs.
This craft is so cute and super easy! All you need is a stamp pad, some willing thumbs to stamp, paper, and markers.
After stamping one thumb in ink (washable stamp pads work best!) stamp it on the paper while aiming it slightly to the left. Do this again, but now aim your thumb outwards to the right so that the two thumbprints come together forming the bottom point of the heart. With kids, I find it best to do a few on a practice sheet before having them make the actual Valentines.
After all thumbprints are made, let them dry a bit (they can smudge very easily!). Then get out your markers and get creative! There are all sorts of fun things that can be made out of thumbprint hearts and a little extra drawing such as a Cupid Heart, Thumbody, Ladybug, or even a heart shaped balloon. Below are the ones we did with sayings such as “Sending All Our Love,” “Thumbody Loves You!” and “Will you be our Lovebug?”
Craft stores such as Paper Source and Michael’s are where I found the heart cut outs, printed paper, colored envelopes, and pens. Don’t forget to pick up some festive red + white Valentine heart stamps at the post office too! Hope you’re all enjoy this LOVEly holiday!