Emily Buckley, editor in chief 

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, long before anyone knew the wild pandemic/virtual education ride that was ahead, Thomson Family Orthodontics decided to send out a special offer to local teachers: Free Invisalign to the first 10 responders, no strings attached!

“We didn’t know what kind of response we would get, but within an hour every spot was filled,” Dr. Brady Thomson said. “We took down others’ names and decided we wanted to do something more. We were able to offer heavily discounted pricing for dozens of additional teachers.”

Dr. Thomson said he and his staff are always looking for ways to get involved in the community, and that includes giving back to the community. “I grew up here, I went to school here, and I have three kids in school,” Dr. Thomson said. “I have a great appreciation for teachers. We already knew they are some of the hardest working people in their industry, but over the year, as they’ve been coming into the office, we’ve heard stories about how they have gone above and beyond to help individual kids. They really are amazing, and it has been really rewarding for us to serve them in this way.”

Christine Bingham, a teacher at Providence Elementary, was one of the beneficiaries of the program. “I was so excited to be able to have this done,” she said. “I have put $16,000 into all of my children’s teeth and I probably would have never come and had my own teeth straightened. It was a wonderful opportunity; now it was my turn! I have been so happy and grateful — what a confidence booster!”

Kelliann Brown, a teacher at Canyon Elementary in Hyrum, agreed. “When you work with kids, they notice everything, and they aren’t afraid to tell you,” she laughed. “I was never self-conscious until I became a teacher. I have been so appreciative of this gift that really has given me new confidence as I teach.”

Ali Adare, a teacher at Mountain Crest High School, said she had already been looking into having orthodontic work done before receiving the email, but was feeling discouraged that it was going to be an expensive and difficult process. “I quickly responded to the email and felt like I had won the radio show,” she said. “I was amazed that there was no catch. This has been a huge blessing for me. Dr. Thomson has been able to do work that another orthodontist said couldn’t be done with Invisalign. Also, his staff made me feel like an MVP every time I came in, just because I was a teacher.”

That positivity was something that teacher after teacher noted about Thomson Family Orthodontics. So, what is the secret? Dr. Thomson says it is part of the job. “When I left the Air Force and decided to start my own practice, I wanted a big focus to be on how people feel when they are in my office receiving orthodontic treatment. Positivity is a requirement for working here; it is part of the job. As a team we talk about how we can deliver P.I.E. (positive influence every day) — it’s our secret sauce!”

Thomson Family Orthodontics treats between 500 and 600 new patients every year, and Dr. Thomson says he finds great satisfaction in helping patients get confident smiles. “A smile is one of the first things a person notices about another person — it is truly an expression of the way someone feels,” he said. “I believe when someone has a confident, beautiful smile they feel that way. So, it is really rewarding to give someone a smile they feel they can use all day long.”