Sandals and Sundresses Summer is off to a good start. I have been settling in with my two favorite wardrobe essentials: Saltwater sandals and the perfect casual sundress. I love both because they’re comfortable enough for a day out running errands with the kids, but crossover perfectly for a date night.

I love Saltwater sandals for several reason. First, they have a fun vintage look, and have been made in the USA since 1940 with real leather straps and rubber soles. They come in women’s and kid’s sizes. And, really, who doesn’t love an excuse to match their littles? I bought my daughter a pair last year and she wore them over and over again. They held up great, and she is wearing them again this summer with very little visible wear and tear.

These sandals are so great because you can walk in them for hours and wear them in water and they still keep their shape perfectly. So wear them to Bear Lake, the pool or for a long day at the zoo or theme park. They are ready for whatever you may do.

As for sundresses, I have to admit, I rarely wear dresses or skirts. They usually don’t seem practical for my life tasks of changing diapers, loading kids in and out of car seats. But, my favorite semi-fitted, stretchy knee-length sundress that I found at Roolee, a locally owned Cache Valley boutique, changed my mind. It is so comfortable and stylish: Exactly what a mom needs in her wardrobe.

I am tired of layers and layers of clothes. I love this dress because with its high neckline, no Red Sandals layering is required, which is just right for summer. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, and the dress is the perfect knee length on me, so I feel confident that it will work for most people.

These sandals and sundress make the perfect pair and come together to create a classic summer outfit. You will love the way these pieces look and feel, and, with so much versatility, they are sure to become your go-to summer favorites.