Shaun Klomp, CphT, Spence’s Pharmacy

Spence’s Pharmacy has served Cache Valley for over 35 years. How did the valley’s hometown pharmacy become to be? Here is the story of Spence Klomp, pharmacist:

Spence KlompSpence Klomp enjoyed chemistry during his early childhood. During his youth he received a small chemistry set which sparked his interest in science and opened many doors to a lifetime profession. He pursued his passion for
chemistry and attended the University of Utah, where he graduated in 1966 with his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. He decided to start his own pharmacy and help his fellow Cache Valley residents with their health needs.

When Spence first started his pharmacy, he had very little money. He was so low on funds that he innovatively decided to stock his pharmacy with empty medicine bottles at first to give the appearance of being fully stocked.
Only when a prescription came in would he order it for the next day for the patient. Slowly he built up his pharmacy, and Spence’s Pharmacy is now often thought of as Cache Valley’s hometown pharmacy.

Spence passed away in 2013 but even today, we still receive many unique stories about Spence’s kindness and efforts to put patient’s health first.

Today we at Spence’s North Pharmacy continue Spence’s legacy and passion for pharmacy by helping our patients succeed with their health needs. We continue to support the valley’s healthcare with prescription filling, flu and other vaccines, customized medications in our compounding lab, medication packaging, and a variety of other services.

We are proud to introduce Kristi Hales, RPh, a certified Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) consultant, to our team. She has completed numerous trainings in hormone therapy that includes a certified designation as a Hormone Specialist from the PCCA C4 course. This specialized training has given us the ability to support hormone therapy at Spence’s Pharmacy, offering the latest information and therapies beyond what typical pharmacies offer.

We also now offer in-depth hormone consultation services and therapy recommendations that include health
supplements and regimens, so we can work closely with patients and physicians to have successful therapy outcomes.

We at Spence’s Pharmacy strive for our patients to have the best customer service. Our motto is, “Your Health, Our First Concern.”