By: Makell Mitton

owner, Koltin and Kell Photo and Video

FAMILY PHOTOS REQUIRE a lot. Not only are they an investment of time, energy, and money, but they are a moment captured in time that will be cherished forever. You will (I hope!) print and frame your photos and display them in your home for all to view.

To make these photos ones you can be proud of, here are a few things to consider before picture day:

1. Choose the right photographer for you. Research photographers in your area; take time to look at their portfolios. Be sure their work is consistent and that their style falls in line with yours.

Family Photo2. Consider choosing clothing in that matches your home décor. It doesn’t make sense to redecorate your home to match photo outfits, so plan ahead and select colors that coordinate well with what you already have in your home. Neutral colors are trendy for 2019-2020 and match most home décor. If you are worried that you won’t like a certain color scheme or don’t know what to choose, talk to your photographer and ask for recommendations.

3. Consider the location of your photo session.

If you are planning to be photographed on a snowy mountain, for example, you won’t want to wear too much white and blend into the background, nor will you want to pick colors that are not typically worn in winter.

4. Be mindful of the season and come prepared.

If you are doing a winter session in the mountains, it will be extremely cold, and you will want to make sure you and your children’s clothing is warm enough. Miserable children don’t take great photos. You may be outside for 25 minutes to one hour, so talk to your photographer and be sure to wear clothing that is warm enough for your session, or bring blankets or coats to throw on between shots. It may be a good idea to bring along hand warmers or toys that your children enjoy to keep them smiling and happy. If you have very young children and are taking photos during the winter, you may consider choosing a studio session.

Knowing what to expect and planning ahead will prevent stressful situations and help produce photos that your family will treasure forever.