Leticia Shifflet, executive officer, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS®



While many COVID-19 restrictions around the world have been lifted, both local and national governments navigate special circumstances as they continue to deal with some of the pandemic’s fallout, and this constant state of change largely impacts those within the realm of real estate. Understanding the current market status and making accurate future-state predictions are overwhelming and almost impossible for the average homeowner or potential investor. These rapid changes within global markets have required REALTORS® to know more about both the markets and the people and communities they serve. Around the Valley, the nation, and the globe, REALTORS® are making efforts to help others navigate the twists and turns of volatile markets.

A REALTOR® has multiple priorities and financial responsibilities. First, they maintain an in-depth knowledge of current and emerging issues that will have a significant impact on the market and how those changes affect their clients. These issues are often grouped into three general categories: Government & Regulatory, Change & Risk, and Economy & Markets. REALTORS® are constantly assessing topics within these categories, some of which include inflation, interest rates, hybrid work trends, disruptions to the supply chain, labor shortages, and geopolitical risks. With so many challenges having a direct impact on real estate, it’s crucial to make decisions based on research performed by seasoned professionals. Being a trusted source of knowledge allows REALTORS® to better serve those within their communities, which is another major priority.

Now more than ever, REALTORS® are devoting time and resources to support their neighbors. This support comes in the form of financial donations and community service that includes fundraisers, food collections and deliveries, and neighborhood cleanups — to name a few. A recent report shows that charitable giving by REALTORS® associations has climbed an astounding 20% since 2020, as REALTORS® work to deepen connections and have a larger impact for good within the communities they serve.

Beginning in 2002, the National Association of REALTORS® started a campaign to recognize the good that REALTORS® contribute to the communities in which they live. This campaign awards recognition to REALTORS® who make an extraordinary impact on their community, or on the national or world stage, through volunteer work. It celebrates all acts of giving back to shine a spotlight on the impactful role REALTORS® play in communities.

Whether you’re looking for ways to become involved and serve within your community, or planning to buy or sell in an ever-evolving market, enlist the help of your local REALTORS® and rely on their knowledge and experience to make the most of your journey.