Emily Merkley, association executive, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS

IF YOU ARE preparing to buy or sell a home, it’s important to decide how familiar you are with the processes and procedures involved in the experience. If you’ve already started and decided to give it a go alone, you may have found yourself a bit overwhelmed and surprised at just how many steps are involved in completing such a complex transaction. This is where you will find the help and experience of a REALTOR® to be invaluable. A REALTOR® has a fully assembled team of experts who all play vital roles in the buying and selling processes. They are professionals who know how to do their jobs efficiently; therefore, they keep costs to a minimum for the client. This dream team is made up of mortgage lenders, attorneys, warranty companies, title and escrow agents, inspectors, and maintenance and repair crews. These professionals are on-hand and ready to protect client interests as they work together, often
behind the scenes, to make real estate transactions as fluid and worry-free as possible.

A few key players:

Title Company

The title company is a workhorse and plays a handful of roles in real estate transactions. They issue insurance policies, file and  record necessary paperwork, review titles, and even facilitate closings. The title company can be viewed as a combined agent between the insurance company, sellers, and buyers, and the financial institutions involved in the process. It’s crucial to work with a reputable title company that the REALTOR® trusts.

Mortgage Lender

A mortgage provider lends money to make a purchase possible for clients who do not purchase a home with money on hand. A REALTOR® works with mortgage lenders on a daily basis and is able to match buyers with lenders that best fill their needs.

Home Inspector

A home inspector is hired by buyers to check a home for possible issues. The inspector checks everything from the
home’s foundation, roof, floors, and attic, to the windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to ensure buyers that there are no issues that would need to be repaired or result in a lower purchase price. A home inspector is vital to help buyers avoid costly mistakes during a home purchase.

There are many individuals working behind the scenes as vital members of the team that REALTORS® trust to take care of their clients. Josh Barfuss, REALTOR® with Cornerstone Real Estate Professionals, explains that “having a good team and trusted people are both crucial to a successful transaction. Most people don’t realize how many hands are involved in a single transaction, but it takes everyone working together and pulling their weight to make it happen.”

You can trust that you are taken care of when you work with a REALTOR® who will help you navigate your journey buying or selling a home with experts that truly have your best interests at the forefront of all they do homeownership is on the rise

Recent reports show that homeownership continues to rise, taking U.S. homeownership rates to a new high over the last six years. Homeownership is now currently both desirable and achievable at the same time thanks to incredibly low interest rates. With these low mortgage rates, along with a strong economy, positive sentiment, and increased confidence in the financial markets, people are excited to purchase a home and make wise, long-term investments with real estate.

The goal of homeownership is big for both Gen Z and younger millennials who have saved and are now entering
home-buying phases. Even with a significant lack of inventory, homeownership has continued to climb and hold steady, signaling to both buyers and sellers the stability of the market and encouragement to move forward.

Now is the time to make a move and contact a REALTOR® to take those next steps toward owning your own home and fulfilling the dreams you’ve worked hard to accomplish.