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Doreese Severe

It’s the first year of what’s sure to become many for a brand new Christmas carol and destined to become a family favorite for the holidays.

“Who Fills Santa’s Stocking?” was first written as a new Christmas carol the week before Christmas 2013. The author, Doreese Severe, a Cache Valley resident, was putting the finishing touches on the tune and words Christmas Eve day for her family’s program.

“This was my part on the program,” Doreese said. “It’s the first song I’ve ever attempted to write. I never would have considered myself a songwriter. That’s something only a talented musician does, I thought. But while putting up our stockings, I had the thought, I wonder if Santa has a Christmas stocking, and if so, who would fill it? It doesn’t make sense that Santa would fill his own stocking.”

After having that thought, Doreese decided to make up a song to answer the question, “Who fills Santa’s stocking?”

“Once I began to write, the words came quickly and easily; and so did the tune for the most part,” she said. “There were some tricky spots, but I came to terms with the fact that this song was not like other songs. It seemed to have two different tunes for the verses. Having established the two separate melodies, I then quit wrestling with it and just let the song do what it seemed like it wanted to do.”

After Christmas Eve, Doreese put it away to work on after Christmas. It was into the second week of December 2014 when she remembered she had even written the song.

“I found it, got it out, dusted it off and tried to remember it myself,” Doreese said. “I really wanted to have it ready to use and share for Christmas, which was just two days away. I didn’t worry about writing any accompaniment. I just wanted to get the melody and words out there. I may just make it, I thought – getting some printed that is. I knew it wouldn’t get to most people on my Christmas list until during the holidays. But I hoped it would continue to circulate throughout 2015, and by the next Christmas many folks would be using it in their homes.”

As Doreese read through the words, she realized that not only is this a Christmas carol, but it is an entertaining story as well, having dialogue between the storyteller and a group of children.

Christmas stocking with candy canes

The storyteller presents the question, “Who fills Santa’s Stocking? It’s nearly eight-feet long. He always takes it down and then puts a small one on.” The children respond with their guesses: “It could be elves.” “Or Mrs. Claus.” “Or reindeer; no that one’s wrong.” “Maybe it’s the mayor of the North Pole.” “Maybe it’s parishioners from the church below.”

They also make guesses as to what would be in Santa’s stocking. Then at the end of the carol, after having the children promise not to tell, the storyteller reveals the answer to this puzzling riddle.

It’s so much fun to see the excitement and curiosity of both young and old as they wonder, “Who in the world could be filling Santa’s stocking?”

“My goal for Christmas 2015 was to have a full accompaniment for it,” Doreese said. “I’m happy to say that I have reached that goal. Now my song is complete, my new goal is for many families to hear about this new Christmas carol and enjoy it in their homes this holiday season.”

If your family doesn’t have access to a piano, no problem. Just use it as a story. And people are always looking for new ideas for their Christmas programs or skits. “Who Fills Santa’s Stocking?” is all set to go. Just assign out the parts and have them acted out as it’s sung or read.

Who do you think fills Santa’s stocking? It’s something very few of us have ever thought about. Of course, I can’t give you the answer here. Total spoiler! Give it some thought and if you want to learn the answer, you can find this piece at Square One Printing, The Book Table, Hastings and See ABC’s store on

Who Fills Santa's Stocking