Wil Wood
owner, Love to Cook



Tortillas serve as a warm, starchy blanket to wrap up the taste-tantalizing quartet of fat, acid, salt, and heat. Here in Cache Valley we have many options for exceptional tacos. What follows is my fairly well-researched opinion on where to get the best tacos in Cache Valley. Is there one best place? Definitely not, but I will tell you what to get where. I’m going to go through this list (which is by no means exhaustive, but a good place to get started) in order of meats: chicken, beef, pork. Then I’ll mention some you can’t miss.

I’ll start us off with the gateway drug to cooked meat: chicken. Pollo Azteca, the food truck nestled in the alley south of Love to Cook on 800 North and Main in Logan, starts their day out by firing up their grills with real mesquite charcoal. They put some magic sauce on spatchcocked whole birds then grill them to perfection. My favorite dish just changed from their “Chicken Bowl”, to an order of “Half Chicken with a side of rice and Ranchero Beans.” From what I can tell, almost everything is made from scratch. Their birria, chile verde, beans, rice, and al pastor are excellent.

A spread of some of Pollo Azteca’s best offerings. Pollo Azteca is located in the alley south of Love to Cook on 800 North and Main in Logan.

Red meat anyone? This one is difficult to say definitively because there are so many good options. Still, I would settle on the new taco truck on the corner of 1800 North and Main in Logan, Los Compadres. Their Suadero is carne asada from slow-cooked brisket. It’s next level. If you’re there with company, pick up a MexiBurger with cheese. It’s a cheeseburger with chorizo.

Almost everyone knows La Unica as the busy Mexican restaurant in Smithfield with the kind and boisterous owner who is almost always working the register. They’ve been in multiple places, but several years ago moved their main operation from a food truck in Richmond to their current space. I’ve never gotten anything I didn’t like here. These are the best tacos al pastor I’ve ever had. Al pastor is pork, traditionally roasted on a vertical spit like shawarma. This is the Mexican take on a food and method the Lebanese immigrants brought to Mexico. I could take a long time explaining this, but what you really need to do is go try these. You will find tender savory pork with chunks of pineapple in these tacos. Also, try the aguas frescas.

I need to mention a few other places as well. N&M Tacos de Birria are great beef tacos. They serve one thing and they do it well. They’re found in the Baugh Motel parking lot. La Tormenta, found on 1600 North next to Fizz’n’Fries is excellent. They give you a mountain of sautéed onions, pickled jalapenos, and carrots with a jug of your favorite salsa. I like their chile verde and carne asada burrito. Speaking of giant burritos, Cafe Sabor makes a great one and every Wednesday night you can get a burrito and a drink for $6.99. Upgrade to a beer for a buck. That’s a deal! El Toro is a longtime favorite of ours, and while they aren’t a 24-hour drive thru by any means, they do have late hours on weeknights. I love their tacos al carbon or sharing pollo cilantro with my lover.

In summation, I need to point something out. For a little valley in Northern Utah, we have some amazing restaurants. Take advantage of the diverse choices we have and don’t be afraid to try something new. I look forward to diving deeper into other choices we have here in the Valley in future issues.