Contributed by Discount Tire and Automotive

Each new year brings a new group of teenagers entering the driving world. This is an exciting and scary milestone for our children. We want them to have their freedom and, of course, to stay safe. Here are some tips for new drivers.

Before Hitting the Road
  • Encourage the habit of checking tire pressure.
  • Teach your teen to keep an eye on the wear of the car’s tires and check tread depth often.
  • Always ensure that mirrors are in the correct position.
On the Road
  • Encourage your teen to be an aware, defensive driver, which means no distractions like texting.
  • In fall and winter, new driving hazards arise. The danger of hydroplaning is real, so be aware of road surface and slow down.
  • Pay attention to gauges as they monitor the health of your car (temperature, oil levels, etc.).
General Maintenance
  • Stay on top of basic maintenance, such as oil changes, rotations, and alignments to reduce the risk of breaking down and becoming stranded.
  • Always have an emergency kit in the vehicle (jumper cables, blanket, flares, first-aid kit, non-perishable food, and water).
  • Check fluid levels regularly and make it a habit to check wiper blade wear.

By teaching good driving habits to young drivers, we create a safer road for everyone.