Emily Buckley, editor in chief

When it comes to protecting your kids from and guiding them through proper technology use, Mont Criddle, LMFT, residential director, Logan River Academy says parents must have a plan and parents must set screen limits.

Here are some things he suggested considering when creating your family plan and setting screen limits:

  • Beyond screen limits make sure kids have a desire to do other things like playing outside, extracurricular activities, reading physical books, art, toys, cooking, keeping a gratitude journal, service, hiking, biking, etc.
  • Every family and child is different, so build a plan and set limits that make sense for your particular situation.
  • Parents should set the example
  • Have specific times and days when screens are off-limits
  • Have specific places where screens are not allowed
  • Know what your kids are doing on their screens
  • Encourage variety
  • Consider a Digital Diet and Digital Nutrition
  • Talk to your kids – about this and other things going on in their lives
  • Be vigilant but flexible

The interview with Mont that is mentioned is available here on our website.