Marshal Garrett, superintendent, Logan City School District

Portrait Of Male Pupil Studying At Desk In Classroom

LCSD-LogoOver the past decade, a lot of press has been given to concerns over discipline in public schools. While there are many challenges that schools face, the schools in the Logan City School District have been proactive in developing programs that teach citizenship and how to act responsibly.

All of our elementary schools have adopted programs that promote positive and responsible behavior. Lessons from Kindergarten through 5th grade occur throughout the year to build the student’s skills for acting appropriately and making appropriate decisions. Three of our schools, Bridger Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary and Wilson Elementary, have recently adopted the “Leader in Me” program that stems from Dr. Steven Covey’s work on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Students are given opportunities to learn the habits and apply them into their daily lives. Leadership skills are a natural outcome of this practice and all three schools are seeing a difference in the behaviors of their students.

Each year, a Logan City Police Department resource officer spends 10+ weeks teaching our 5th grade students. The program, called NOVA (Nurturing, Opportunities, Values and Accountability), focuses on preventive skills for students as they face negative situations, including the devastating effects of illegal drugs, violence and negative media exposure. At the end of the program, each student is given the opportunity to write a personal constitution sharing how he or she will keep themselves free from society’s pressures and continue to practice responsible citizenship. The program has been used in our district for over seven years and has shown great results.

Mount Logan Middle School has utilized a program entitled “Love and Logic” for many years as the basis of their behavior expectations. Each teacher has been trained in the process and utilizes the principles in their daily teaching. Student citizenship grades are based upon four life skills that are continually tracked and monitored for each class: participation, work ethic, collaboration and courtesy/respect. Teams of teachers and counselors work with students on a continual basis to reinforce the need for students to make responsible choices both at school and in the community. Programs at the high school are also focused on making correct choices and being responsible citizens.

The Logan City School District will continue to work with our students to ensure they have strong skills to be responsible citizens who care about others and are able to turn away from the negative situations that are occurring in our society today.