Breanne and her kids

A few months ago, we welcomed our fourth baby to our family. This baby was what you would call a “surprise,” considering our third child was only 4 months old when I found out I was pregnant again. While it wasn’t what we had planned, we quickly adjusted our mindset and prepped for (another) new baby. The months of pregnancy passed and our excitement grew. Finally, the day came and our little girl made her appearance. We “ooo’d” and “ahhh’d” over her perfection, convinced a sweeter baby had never been born.

The next few thoughts that entered my mind were not as altruistic. I distinctly remember repeating, “I’m not pregnant anymore, I’m not pregnant anymore!” I realized that I must have been really looking forward to that part. I was looking forward to the time I would be able move, and breathe more easily; to be the boss of my body. I didn’t feel selfish in these thoughts because, after all, I had just been pregnant for almost two years straight. However, it did get me thinking about the importance of taking time for yourself, taking time to be yourself and taking time to better yourself.

Taking time for yourself can look different for every person, but no matter what it looks like, it’s extremely important.

Let’s face it: Being grown up is hard. It’s messy and confusing, and we don’t have all the answers. We are just doing the best we can. I believe that by having confidence in the person you are, you will allow yourself to become an anchor in your own life. It will give you the foundation necessary to find happiness and success in your day-to-day life.

So take some time for you! Head to the gym, read a book or learn a new skill. Whatever it is, do it and make “yourself” a priority. You will be a happy, well-balanced, best version of yourself and more prepared to tackle whatever comes your way.