ReadingEducational researching have found a strong correlation between reading and academic success

by Sarah Krebs and Patty Willis,
Cache County School District literacy coordinators

Reading is an essential component to each child’s success in society today. Both parents and educators are eager to see every child develop into a capable reader, and look forward to celebrating their accomplishments along the way.

In 1996, Superintendent Steve Norton set a district goal in which all children in Cache County School District would read proficiently by the end of third grade. Since that time, reading scores have improved and efforts have been refined to make that essential goal a reality.

Cache County School DistrictToday Cache District students are supported in reading through whole-class instruction as well as in smaller groupings in a setting referred to as Tier 2. In the tiered model, the teacher, a literacy facilitator and the principal review the growth of each student three times per year. Information reviewed consists of state assessments, phonics measures, DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills), other formative assessments, and classroom performance. Educators then use this information to form instructional groups.

The Tier 2 differentiated reading instruction is then provided to all kindergarten through fifth grade students as follows:

    • Below proficiency students receive explicit, targeted intervention in a small group setting with researched-based resources.
    • Students hovering close to proficiency are in slightly larger groups, and are also supported with explicit, targeted instruction aligned to their needs.
    • Students solidly proficient are provided challenging reading instruction in larger groups.

Students receive this instruction from classroom teachers along with highly skilled support staff, allowing teachers to work with many groups of students throughout the year supporting student growth.

Verification of the growth students are achieving in Cache District is presented on the chart below.
Cache Language Arts Proficiency Graph
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