stack of baby burp cloths

Yellow Lilly Burp Cloths 

These days most moms are looking for style, but experienced moms know function is even more important. That’s why we love companies like Yellow Lilly Company, which is run by a twin momma from Cache Valley, but ships nationwide.

Yellow Lilly burp cloths are made of 100 percent Indian cotton, which is more absorbent than any others we’ve tried, and are available in a large size to keep more than just the shoulder covered. They are offered in a variety of cute prints to suit both genders and every style. This is a must-have for every mom’s diaper bag.

Also available at the Yellow Lilly shop are darling, hand-made bows for baby girls to be worn on either a clip or a nylon, one-size-fits-all headband (doesn’t leave marks on baby’s head).

Check them out online at their Etsy shop.