By Breanne Miller, owner Collectively Yours

Breanne Miller

Breanne Miller lives in Cache Valley, is the mother of two and owns online fashion boutique Collectively Yours.

Fashion “do’s” and fashion “don’ts,” “who wore it best” and “what not to wear.” These are the kinds of phrases that cause fear of fashion trends. I believe in fashion and wearing things that suit your body, but I’ll confess that in my world, my mom-running-errands-making-dinner-carpooling-to-dance world, style trends aren’t the first thing on my list to remember. On the other hand, I know that when I wear something I feel good in I am more confident and prepared to go about my day, and I am more likely to run that extra errand and accomplish more.

So, here is tip right from my personal fashion rule book: Don’t worry too much about trends! Every season something new comes out, and it is impossible to keep up on it all. I say, “Wear what you love.” If you have had the same favorite sweater in your closet for years, but it still looks great and makes you feel good too, then wear it. Much of how you appear to others has to do with how you feel about yourself. If you have confidence it will radiate.

Next tip: When you do decide to purchase something to add to your wardrobe, be picky! Don’t just shop the clearance rack and buy things because they are “on sale.” Be selective, only choosing items that you feel good in and that will last in your closet for many seasons to come. Finding things that are right for you may take more than one shopping trip, and that’s OK. This rule will help you start building a closet that really speaks to your own personal style and withstands seasonal trends.

Collectively YoursWhile I love fashion, and have created my business around it, I am always careful not to try and become someone I am not. Being the best mother I can be has much to do with showing my children the best version of myself. By following these simple rules you can become a more confident YOU, and enjoy style too.