Emily Buckley, editor in chief 

Cache Valley Family Magazine


Although the coronavirus crisis has brought much heartache and struggle for people around the world, it also seems to be bringing out the best of humanity in thousands of ways.

We are all first responders in this crisis. COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, stopped the world in its tracks and forced most of us into self-quarantine while we were bogged down with constant news updates reporting the global death toll, the number of new cases each day, and the demise of our booming economy. Of this be sure, these are tough times.

But when times get tough, people do amazing things. Through uncertainty and fear, celebrities have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed the hungry and big businesses and philanthropists have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to fight the virus.

Closer to home, people have stepped up and come together offering heartwarming acts of kindness, families have had more dinners and meaningful conversations than ever before, teachers have gone the extra mile to create connection and security for their students, parents have become teachers, neighbors have provided for each other and food drives have been wildly supported, small business owners have chosen community over competition, and businesses have provided free or discounted services to those in need.

This entire Special Edition of Cache Valley Family Magazine is dedicated to honoring local businesses and services that have stepped up to help our community make it through this crisis. We truly are stronger together — even when we’ve had to be apart.

I have never been more grateful or proud to be a Cache Valley resident. There truly is no place like home.

With hope for the future,