Tara Bone, contributing writer 

A sign that summer’s in full swing is the bright yellow trailer of deliciousness – Karie Anne’s Frozen Desserts – that’s parked in the Lynn’s Audio and Video parking lot at 1655 N. Main Street in North Logan.

For three summers, from May to the end of September, the family-run dessert shop on wheels has gained a loyal following of customers who love Karie Anne’s signature Italian Ice and custard treats. Kaitlyn Hinton had her first Gelato during Karie Anne’s first season in 2016. She loved it so much, she said she applied to work there “real fast” and has been an employee ever summer since.

Karie Anne’s is pure deliciousness,” Katilyn said.  “It’s the perfect mix of snow cone and ice cream mix – the best of both worlds.”  

Karie Anne’s is owned by Jessica Mortensen and her family.  She says their family’s priority with the dessert trailer is to provide something good for the community and create an opportunity for her family to learn about business.  

“We try to create a culture of family-oriented fun with a quality product that’s affordable for families,” Jessica said.  “We are also teaching our kids the value of money and how to run a business.”

The concept of Karie Anne’s started in Rexburg, Idaho when a Brigham Young University-Idaho college student opened the dessert trailer as part of a business class.  He got the idea from his time living in Philadelphia as an LDS missionary where Italian ice, or water ice is popular. He named the yellow dessert trailer on wheels after his wife, Karie Anne.       

Jessica and her family loved the original Karie Anne’s in Rexburg and saw its potential and how it could help their family.  Mortensen partnered with her parents to purchase the business and kept the catchy name “Karie Anne’s.

Jessica says they expanded to Cache Valley in 2016 because of family connections to the valley and Utah State University (USU).  At the time, she had siblings attending USU who wanted to run Karie Anne’s and currently has a sister who lives in Smithfield. Jessica travels often to work at Karie Anne’s and to train employees.

“Cache Valley is a beautiful community and we love it there,” Jessica said.   

There may even be future Aggies in the Mortensen family who’ll run Cache Valley’s Karie Anne’s in the future.  Jessica’s three children help clean tables and take care of trash, and her oldest works shifts at the Rexburg Location.

The North Logan location employees up to 13 employees each season.  Customers can find out about weekly specials on Karie Anne’s Instagram and Facebook page.  Jessica said they like to engage customers and help them get to know Karie Anne’s “Family” on social media.  

Karie Anne’s has grown into something bigger than the Mortensen family expected.  Jessica points out that they only use quality dairy products from Idaho dairy supplier, Reed’s Dairy and the goal of bringing families together is always stressed.  

What is Karie Anne’s best-seller?  The combination of tiger’s blood, vanilla custard, and Pina Colada that employees and regulars like to call the “Dragon Slayer.” Other combos that employees have affectionately named are “Tree of Life” and “Iron Man.”  Taste them for yourself before the yellow trailer pulls away with the end of summer.