by Marshal Garrett, superintendent
Logan City School District

Logan City School DistrictLogan City School District has been making some great strides in our offerings for elementary school students. For over 25 years, the Logan City School District has offered orchestra in all of our schools for fourth and fifth grade students. This program has a strong tradition of laying the foundation for great performances by students as they reach middle and high school. Well over 400 students participate in the elementary orchestra program.

This past year, three elementary schools established more focused visual and performing arts programs by being awarded Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Grants. Bridger and Ellis Elementary Schools shared a visual arts teacher for the year. Every K-5 student received art instruction from a licensed art teacher in collaboration with their regular teacher. The program was very successful and will continue this year. Wilson Elementary focused on drama and has a part-time drama teacher who worked with all K-5 students. The licensed teacher integrated drama into multiple subjects and collaborated with classroom teachers on developing lessons that extended back into the classroom.

This year, Hillcrest will join the other three schools in offering extended arts programs for their students. They will be emphasizing performing arts, specifically dance.

Last year was the first year the Logan City School District offered Dual Language Immersion (DLI). Two schools, Bridger and Hillcrest Elementary Schools, instituted DLI, with Bridger choosing Spanish and Hillcrest choosing Portuguese. Almost 60 first-grade students at Bridger and 120 first- and second-grade students at Hillcrest (they implemented it in both first and second grade) spent half of their school day immersed in speaking their new language. The program was a great success and will continue this year into second grade at Bridger and third grade at Hillcrest.

With the increased emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), our elementary schools have taken the initiative to focus more on these topics. The Board of Education has funded $225,000 out of voted levy funds to support the efforts in elementary STEM for this coming year. The focus for the 2014-2015 school year will be science. Teachers will spend time in professional development this year to better develop our K-5 science curriculum. In partnership with Utah State University and the Utah State Office of Education, elementary educators will get hands on training on how to better integrate science into their daily curriculum. The funding for STEM is ongoing, so there will be considerable opportunities for increased emphasis on STEM in the future.

The Logan City School District is committed to offering the best education we can for our elementary students. We desire for them to have a strong foundation so they will be able to succeed as they enter middle school, high school, and then post secondary education.