Father And Daughter Having Fun Sledging Down HillBreeAnn Silcox, coalition coordinator, Bear River Health Department

Winter brings many outdoor activities for children to enjoy. However, winter activities such as sledding, skiing, snowboarding and skating result in thousands of injuries for children each year. The good news: Many injuries can be prevented by following a few simple tips:

Wear proper gear. This may include shin guards, mouth guards and especially helmets when kids are skiing, snowboarding or playing ice hockey. Make sure your child wears a helmet that is appropriate for the sport.

Stay hydrated. Encourage kids to drink plenty of water before, during and after play. Compared to adults, children are at an increased risk of dehydration even in cold temperatures.

Wear warm clothing. It’s also a good idea to have kids come indoors periodically to prevent hypothermia or frostbite.

Cover your skin. Use sunscreen to your child from the sunlight, which reflects off the snow.

Ask for a lesson. Give your child a snowboarding or skiing lesson before they head to the slopes. This will give them the necessary skills to not only reduce their frustrations but also their risk of injury.

By following the simple rules outlined here, your children can stay safe as they enjoy their favorite outdoor winter activities. For more information, call the Bear River Health Department at (435) 792-6510 or visit safekids.org.