Leticia Shifflet, executive officer, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS®



Spring is just around the corner, and with warmer weather comes the selling season. Whether you’re considering selling your home or are simply over the winter blues and ready to freshen up, here are suggestions to make your space something worth seeing.

You have some time to address those mid-level projects that didn’t get attention through the fall and winter. Some projects that will make a big impact at minimal cost include:

A simple bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to enhance the appeal of your home. Consider adding some elongated ceramic tiling. This new trend is an update from the basic subway tile and adds a cleaner, more modern look. Think about replacing your sink and shower fixtures. If you don’t want to replace them, consider a good vinegar bath to get rid of any buildup. Freshen the space with a new coat of paint and take a moment to consider if the toilet needs replacing.

If there are small spaces showing severe wear and tear, consider new flooring. If you don’t need or want to replace existing flooring, help it look its best with a deep clean. Buff and refinish hardwood floors to restore shine, deep clean carpets, and repair nicks and cracks in tile and stone floors.

When it comes to selling a home, the demand for smart technology continues to rise. With more Gen X and Millennial buyers joining the real estate market, smart home features are a top priority. Install some simple devices and even upgrade to smart lightbulbs.

If you plan to list, consider cleanliness a top priority this season. When it comes to cleanliness, standards should reflect the asking price of your home. It’s crucial to help buyers visually. Help them see the value of their investment when they step into your space. Take a moment to review obvious needs during spring cleaning.

Decide if your blinds and window treatments need attention. Don’t skimp on windows, screens, and sills, which are a good indication of how well a house has been cared for. (This is a good place to hire a pro.)

Don’t let the dust take you down. Remove dust and wipe away built-up grease from light fixtures (make that glass sparkle!), shades, and bulbs. While you’re into the dusting mood, be sure to wipe down doorknobs, towel racks, and toilet paper holders.

Address walls and baseboards. With a rag and mild soap, remove fingerprints and grime from walls, switches, outlets, and baseboards. If you have white walls with stubborn scuffs, gently rub them with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Along with this, take simple measures (there are countless products) to restore scuffed and scratched woodwork.

Think about the smell of the home. Pets, cigarettes, foods, moisture, and more contribute to the smell of a space. Once the outside temperature is comfortable, open some windows to circulate and remove the stale air from your home. Give attention to the bathrooms where mold and mildew often accumulate. Also, be sure to remove the trash from your home on a regular basis. While you might be tempted to let loose with the room sprays and candles, strong scents mixed with foul odors within a home can be an abomination. If you do decide to light a candle or utilize room sprays, it’s important to be considerate of the possible allergies and sensitivities of potential buyers who will be walking through your home. Once you’ve cleaned through your list, hire a professional to clean the carpet of your home, which will enhance both the look and smell of your space.

As you prepare for the changing of the seasons, reach out to your local, trusted REALTOR® for additional support and recommendations that will make your space a showstopper.