With just a handful of materials you already have at home and few spare hours in the afternoon, you can turn an old pair of socks into a cuddly best friend. All you need is some basic sewing practice and you’re ready to go!


Two socks (ideally a pair)
Three buttons- two for eyes, one for nose
Needle and thread


1) Turn one sock inside out. Cut off the cuff. The calf section of the sock becomes the dog’s back legs. So, cutting more will give your dog shorter legs. (You may want to save what you cut for later.) If you’re using anklets, you will not need to cut anything here.


step 1

2) Flatten the sock, heel facing up. Cut a slit from the open part of the sock until the beginning of the heel. Sew the sides of each slit to form two back legs, but leave an opening at the center to insert stuffing.

step 2

3) Turn the sock right-side out and stuff. Stuff generously; this will allow you to shape your dog better as you stuff. (Remember, the toe is going to be his neck!)step 4

4) Sew the openings between the legs and on the feet shut. For more stability in your dog, bend the paws forward, sewing the seam directly into the leg to bend paws. Likewise, bend the neck (the sock’s toe) back and stitch this fold securely.

step 5

5) If you’re using anklets, cut the second sock into parts as shown. If you’re using traditional, longer socks, cut the legs out of the sock cuff above the heel. Your legs and ear lengths will vary depending on the breed of dog you are making- keep the legs consistent withthe legs you cut at the beginning! (This step can give you more lee-way. Longer tails, stubbier faces, floppy ears or pointy ears, etc. You can even use the scraps from cutting the first sock if you prefer!)

step 5b

6) Slip the head piece from your second sock over the neck on your stuffed first sock. Sew in place, then add stuffing to the head. Mold the stuffing into the dog’s face that you want, then stitch the snout shut.


step 6

7a) Turn the front-leg pieces inside out and stitch them to leave one side open. Turn right-side out, stuff, and then attach to body. Asyou sew it into place, this should shut the leg securely.

step 7a

7b)Bend the paws and stitch into place as you did at the end of step 4.

step 7b

8) If your tail is thick enough, you should be able to repeat step 7a and sew onto the dog’s behind. If you chose a thinner tail, simply fold and stitch shut for added stability, then sew it onto the rump. If you want a stiff tail and are using too flexible of fabric, try adding a pipe cleaner!step 8

9) Sew your dog’s ears into place. Perky ears may need wire. Make sure you only stitch one side of the ear.

10) Add buttons where you want your dog’s eyes and nose. Feel free to add ribbon to make your dog a nice collar and leash!

step 10