contributed by Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson & Family

Amy Anderson lives in Cache Valley and is the mother of five.

As a stay-at-home mom, Sunday is my day to look fancy! It usually doesn’t happen the way I envision it, as I’m the last to get ready and it seems like even the clean skirt I just put on is smattered with kid hand prints and boogers before I even walk into the chapel. On one particular Sunday I was determined to look my best, because I was asked to stand in front of everyone and pray.

I put on a white blouse and a cute turquoise-wrap skirt. My husband mentioned possibly wearing a slip; I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes, thinking slips were for grannies. Quickly I threw one on not wanting to debate the issue and be late.

Throughout the church services my youngest daughter played with the ties holding up my skirt. I didn’t think twice about it, because I double-knotted that thing and it was keeping her quiet. The final hymn was ending; I stood and walked confidently towards the front. I literally walked right out of my skirt!

I would like to think all eyes were still on their hymnals as I reached back, grabbed my skirt and tried to wrap, walk, and tie it on. With a burning red face, I tried to say something coherent during that prayer. If I was witty I would have thanked God for slips and asked for the ability to find humor in that moment. Today we can all giggle about it! I’m thankful for those stressful moments of parenthood, the ones where we fall flat on our face, but can look back on and laugh. It lets my kids see me as human and it brings us closer together. And I learned to never wear that skirt again; it was immediately donated to charity!