Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Cyd Adamson gave birth to six daughters in 12 years. These sisters were close and loved sharing all the big and small moments in life, so naturally, as they grew up and moved out, they still longed to stay connected and communicate regularly. 

“Six Sisters Stuff all started as a way for us to communicate with each other,” Kristen Hills, the second oldest Adamson sister who now lives in Cache Valley, but was one of the first of the family to move out of state, said. “Back in 2010 [it cost extra] to talk to people that didn’t subscribe to the same phone provider. I remember my bill often being $100 over because I kept talking to my sisters. We needed to find a solution. So, the three oldest sisters started the blog in January 2011.”

The blog, Six Sisters Stuff, began as a way for the sisters to share their favorite books and the activities they were doing with their young children (although the youngest sister was still in middle school at the time!). Soon it evolved to sharing recipes. 

After a while, just for fun, they installed a widget on their blog that tracked where visitors to the page were located, and they noticed that people from other states were finding and reading their blog. 

“It was a surreal moment when we realized people we didn’t know were using our recipes,” Kristen said. 

Once the sisters realized people were coming to their blog, they got their entrepreneur dad on board, and he helped them put ads on the blog website. Over the next decade, as new social media platforms, like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, became popular, they jumped on and learned how to grow their following.

“We now have over 4 million followers across social platforms,” Kristen said. 

There is a 12-year gap between Camille, the oldest sister, and Kendra, the youngest. “Usually, with that big of a gap, relationships aren’t as close because you live very different lives. But by working together, we have very close relationships,” Kristen said. “We talk at least once a day through phone calls or texting; our favorite is when we get together in person, though.”

One of the first things that helped the Six Sisters gain popularity was their line of cookbooks, published by Deseret Book.

In 2012 the sisters were invited to a conference and were coincidentally seated next to an editor from Deseret Book. “There were hundreds of people there, and we just happened to sit right next to them,” Kristen said. “We became friends and talked about our company. The next week we were invited to Deseret Book headquarters in Salt Lake City, where they offered us an opportunity to make a cookbook with them.” 

Twelve years later, the Six Sisters have created 10 cookbooks with Deseret Book. They also teach people how to cook through their instant pot course, a freezer meal membership that includes 10 freezer meal recipes and a coordinating shopping list every month, and a recently released line of spices, available at sixsistersshop.com and BBQ Pit Stop in Logan. 

“This whole thing started as a way to communicate, but now our mission is to help busy moms (and dads) get food on the table so they can eat dinner as a family,” Kristen said. “If we can help even a few people make dinner at home and become closer, then I feel like we did our job.”

Cyd is proud of what her daughters have created. “I am definitely one of their biggest cheerleaders,” she said. “It’s been fun watching them work together and become close. As the babies and other family commitments come, we all help each other out and work together as a team.”

From left to right: Stephanie Loaiza, Camille Beckstrand, Kendra Murdock, Kristen Hills, Cvd Adamson, Lauren Walker

As the Six Sisters Stuff following grew, so did the workload. In the beginning, everyone worked together, but as the business progressed, and the younger three sisters started working, they realized they could be more efficient by splitting up the work. Each sister now has a different job and manages a specific part of the business.

The Adamson sisters that currently make up Sister Sisters Stuff include: 

Camille Beckstrand, who handles their Facebook operations and search engine optimization, ensuring their recipes are seen when people search Google for them.

Kristen Hills, manages their YouTube and Amazon accounts. She loves figuring out strategy and studying the numbers on the backend. 

Stephanie Loaiza is the email marketing queen. She loves strategizing digital products. 

Lauren Walker started the Six Sisters podcast Table Talk for Moms in 2022. Rather than talking about food on the podcast, they talk about ways women can find joy in the phase of life they are in. 

Kendra Murdock handles social media strategy, including Reels and TikToks. She also oversees their brand’s physical products, including their new spice line!