helping a colicky babyBrett Murdock, DC, Murdock Family Chiropractic

Caring for a child with colic can be frustrating since nobody is sure what causes it. Although treating colic can be tough, there are some ways to get relief. Here are a few ideas that may help your baby get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Eliminate the trouble foods. Many new moms aren’t aware that the foods they eat can alter their breastmilk. Avoid the foods like caffeine, lentils/beans, chocolate, broccoli and cow’s milk that can irritate your baby’s stomach.
  2. Massage the tummy. When your baby’s stomach is full of gas, a gentle massage can help bring relief and aid in releasing trapped gas. With your baby lying on his or her back, gently massage in a circular motion from the right thigh, around the naval and down to the top of the left thigh. Repeat this a few times.
  3. Allow enough time for feeding. Being the parent to a newborn comes with a lot of responsibilities, and it can be easy to rush feedings. Take enough time to allow your baby to fully eat, burp and digest. I recommend burping any time your child stops feeding to take a rest.
  4. Cultivate healthy gut bacteria. Research shows that acquiring a healthy microbiome in the stomach can help those suffering from many childhood health issues, including colic. Try supplementing mom and baby’s diets with a probiotic.
  5. Correct breastfeeding technique. A proper latch can mean the difference between your baby getting milk or swallowing a mouthful of air. If you feel that your baby may not be feeding as he or she should, or that the two of you are struggling with feeding in general, reach out to a lactation consultant to help with technique.
  6. Get chiropractic care. Many parents are now seeking chiropractic care as a way to help their colicky babies. Research shows that infants suffering from colic reduced crying times by half after receiving chiropractic care. Ensuring that your child’s spine and nervous system are functioning at their best is an essential part in your child’s development. An experienced pediatric chiropractor can help your child start life off on the right foot.
  7. Ask for help. Having a child with colic can be trying for any parent. The constant crying often makes it difficult to bond. Remember to reach out to friends or family for support if you feel like you need a break. Your child needs you at your best, and sometimes that means stepping away for a few moments.

Most importantly, trust your gut. If, for any reason, you feel like something isn’t right with your baby, don’t hesitate to ask for help or make an appointment with your child’s pediatrician.