by Jonathan Badger, Lee’s Marketplace

The countdown to Thanksgiving dinner other holiday celebrations is on! This is one of the most exciting times of year for many people and businesses, including grocery stores.

While we love the energy of the holiday season, we don’t want our guests to feel overly stressed by the tasks they must complete when they visit our stores, so here are some ideas to help you check to-dos off your lists without overly stretching your pocketbooks.

  1. Shop the Sales: During the holidays we have thousands of items on sale. Many of them are specialty items for the holiday season. For example, Lee’s Honey Glazed Holiday Hams are only available between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a couple weeks leading up to Easter.
  2. Shop at the Right Time: Our stores will be the busiest November 25 and 26 and again on December 24. To avoid
    the crowds consider doing your shopping on different days or early in the morning or later at night.
  3. Plan Your Menus: Create full menus and shopping lists for meals you’ll need, especially when you are expecting company so you don’t over shop without a plan at the last minute.
  4. Don’t Underestimate Leftovers: When you plan your menus and make your shopping lists, shop for what you need to transform leftovers into another meal. (See Six Things You Can Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers.)
  5. Choose a Bird to Fit Your Budget: We offer turkeys in several varieties. Let our team help you pick out the best product at the best price. Turkeys are also a healthy choice for the holidays.
  6. Buy Some Baked Goods: The Lee’s bakery makes handmade, from scratch pumpkin pie and dinner rolls with the same wholesome ingredients you use at home, so it may be worth buying time instead of ingredients. Place your special orders on these holi-day favorites to ensure availability.
  7. Take Advantage of Our Friendly Service: Our team is here to help. Don’t be shy. Let us help you make the holidays easy and affordable.

Remember our team members are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your shopping experience, so be sure to ask them for help along your merry way.