6a00d8357f3b9169e200e54f831f9b8833-800wiIt is summer vacation, and most kids are enjoying a break from school, but many moms make it a point to keep their kids reviewing and doing fun learning activities throughout the summer. School Zone products do just that, with a fantastic line of workbooks, flashcards and software to help educate children while making learning fun, in fact so fun that they may not even realize they are studying and learning. This kind of brain exercise helps kids retain the things they learned during the school year and stay ready to learn more when it all starts again.

The greatest things about these workbooks is that kids want to use them. In fact, our kids were begging to do “just one more page” before putting them away to move on to another activity. The books are perfect for quiet times at home, waiting rooms, restaurants, car rides, rainy days and any other time you need to keep little minds and hands busy and don’t want to turn to the television, iPad or other screen for a babysitter. 
The workbooks include mazes, puzzles and picture pages along with writing, math and critical thinking exercises. They have easy-to-follow instructions at the bottom of each page, a parent guide and share guide inside the front and back cover, a skills focus at the bottom of each activity to help make the most learning.
If you’re looking for something to keep your kids brains active in learning through the summer while keeping them happy at the same time, then School Zone workbooks are your answer.  They’re also a great tool for getting ready to go back to school, which will be here before you know it.