Baby wrapped up in Saranoni blanket

Saranoni Blanket

From the moment we are born, blankets are a part of our lives. As children, we hide under them to protect us from scary noises or to build awesome forts. As adults, we use them to swaddle our infants, keep our toddlers warm and cocoon ourselves in them on the couch. Regardless of our age, blankets provide warmth, comfort and security.

If you are going to give your baby a luxury, this may be just the thing you want to consider. Saranoni Luxury Blankets are just what their name says, and they make the everyday snuggling that babies love a luxurious experience. The best part is the Saranoni philosophy: As a baby grows, the things they love should grow along with them. That means Saranoni blankets come in a large variety of sizes, styles and colors suited for snuggle lovers from infant to adult and include options from lightweight, breathable swaddle blankets in cotton or muslin material (that are plenty big to wrap a baby well) to Saranoni’s trademark lush receiving, toddler/teen or home-sized throws and soft, fluffy Bamboni throws.

Want another reason to love Saranoni? Their headquarters are located right here in Cache Valley! You can purchase your blankets at their corporate office located at 700 W 1700 S Suite 108 in Logan, at Stork Landing in Logan or online at