Santa riding in a paradeby Schae Richards, community editor 

Santa and his helpers are bringing more than just presents to Cache Valley this Christmas.

Cache County Sub for Santa, a non-profit organization in Logan, gives relief to local families and individuals during the holiday season through gift and monetary donations from the community.

“Families are so grateful — that we helped make their Christmas a little easier,” said Shanae Ames, first-time director of Sub for Santa. “Most of these families are really struggling. This is one less thing they have to be stressed about.”

With the help of local residents, the organization has assisted Cache Valley families for more than 40 years, giving hope during what can be a hard time of year. Last year alone, they served 888 children in the area.

Sub for Santa has a two-fold structure: those who apply for the help and those who donate items. Everything is kept anonymous throughout the process.

Kami Christensen, board chair of Sub for Santa, said the community has always been a great support in assisting families.

Volunteer sitting by donations

“Every year, we get more and more volunteers,” she said. “This community is phenomenal in their generosity. It always floors me to see what comes in.”

Sub for Santa encourages people to get involved, whether through small or big donations, and offers three streams of participation: sponsorships, the KUTV Salvation Army Angel Tree and general donations.

  1. Sponsorships: A sponsor is assigned to a family, meeting at least one need and want for each child (18 years old and younger). If desired, people may request to help someone specific, such as a child that’s a certain age or gender, or they may choose to assist a certain amount of children. Once purchased, items can be brought to one of various locations (see box below), where the staff and other volunteers will ensure all items fit the children’s needs.
  2. KUTV Salvation Army Angel Tree: If someone chooses not to sponsor a family, they can select an ornament from an angel tree at Lee’s Marketplaces or Shopko and buy for a single child, whose information will be listed on the ornament. Purchased items should be dropped off at one of various locations (see box below).
  3. General donations: Donations from the community, such as clothes, gifts cards and toys are always welcomed (for a list of recommended items, see box below). Financial contributions are also accepted and can be made at any Zion’s Bank or mailed to PO Box 4603 Logan, Utah 84323.

Sub for Santa continues to bring the community together and spread the Christmas spirit.

“Some people who have been recipients are now sponsors in the program, now that they are more established,” Kami said. “It’s a cycle of giving and receiving and the spirit of Christmas.”

For more information, call the Sub for Santa office at (435) 752-6315 or visit

Sub for Santa table