Eliza Jane Arledge, 7th grader from Thomas Edison Charter School

Although Kevin Glenn had not traveled out of Utah much before he lived in Hong Kong for two years as a missionary, when he came home to Cache Valley he decided that he loved traveling and that he wanted a job where he could travel and serve people. That’s when he decided that the United States Air Force was for him.

Kevin’s three children and his wife, Loi Glenn, traveled the world with him while he served in the Air Force for about 30 years. Kevin and his family moved to a total of 13 different places. He said that most of those places were in the South, and even out of the country.

Before traveling the world, Kevin lived in Logan until he was five years old, then he and his family moved to Wellsville where he eventually graduated from Mountain Crest High School. He attended Utah State University (USU) for a year before he left for Hong Kong.

In between joining the Air Force and coming back from Hong Kong, Kevin had some out-of-the-ordinary jobs. He said for one of his favorite jobs, he rode a helicopter up to the mountains every day where he worked. For another job, he and one of his friends lived in Taiwan for a summer to teach English. Then he joined the Air Force in 1985.

Being in the Air Force wasn’t all fun he said.  He served in Operation Desert Storm (1990-1991), in Sierra Leone and Bosnia (1999-2000), and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for two years.

Kevin Glenn lived in many different places and said that he didn’t dislike any of them, but their family did have favorites. While Kevin and his family moved across the South, they got to taste a lot of barbeque.  His favorite barbeque was located in none other than Texas itself.

“If I had to pick which place was my favorite out of all the places we lived, I would have to say Hawaii,” Kevin said.  “But my wife says otherwise, she says that her favorite place was Ohio.”

In the Air Force, Kevin said nicknames are a big thing.  Kevin’s nickname was “No Doze” because for a time Kevin had to stay up all day and then train during the night. He said there was a mini-golf place next door, so to keep him and his colleagues awake, they played golf. For a while it was working, but then one night he accidentally fell asleep; not long after he had fallen asleep his General came in and saw him sleeping.  Kevin said that didn’t go so well for him. After the General left, everyone in the room laughed and called him “No Doze.” The name stuck.

Kevin retired from the Air Force in 2015, a long career of service for the United States. Kevin currently works at USU. Kevin loved being in the Air Force and said he wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“If I had to pick my favorite thing about the Air Force,” Kevin said. “It would be the good people.”  

Kevin and his wife now live in Wellsville and love it there.  They say they wouldn’t live anywhere else but here in Cache Valley.