Courtesy of Discount Tire

Thanksgiving is the kick-off to the holiday season. As families travel to visit loved ones, harsh weather conditions are often met. Whether across town or across the country, it’s important to make sure your car is tuned up and your tires are safe.

Temperature affects tire pressure from season to season, so you should have them checked to ensure they are at the correct pressure for the road conditions. Make sure to include your spare tire in this check. This is easily overlooked. AAA statistics claim that more than 330,000 travelers could avoid being stranded with flat tires by simply taking the time to check them before hitting the road.

Along with making sure your tires are properly filled, it is also wise to have your car battery checked. Weather changes can affect the overall health of a battery, and when temperatures really dip you want to be sure you have a battery that can withstand the elements.

Even with preparations, emergencies do happen. With that in mind, we strongly recommend you stock your trunk with the necessary items. This includes: a spare tire, jumper cables, blankets, a flashlight, flares, water or other fluids, and nonperishable food.

Safety is important, and Discount Tire is happy to help anyone get ready for a trip. Stop in and allow us to give you a preventative maintenance check. Enjoy the holidays and keep tire and car trouble at bay with proper maintenance.