Jared Heaton, DO, a board-certified dermatologist and a member of the American Society of Mohs Surgeons, recently joined the medical team at Rocky Mountain Dermatology. He is known across the states of Utah and Montana for his thorough and compassionate care and for helping people enjoy healthy, beautiful skin

In addition to providing life-saving Mohs surgery, Dr. Heaton treats a variety of dermatological issues, from skin cancer diagnosis to moles, warts, acne, and everything in between.

Mohs is a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. “It is mostly indicated for head and neck surgery, and has a very high cure rate,” Dr. Heaton said. “It is a way of processing the tissue while the patient is still in the office to ensure that no cancer is left behind. This way you can take a small margin of tissue and progressively remove more until only cancer-free tissue remains.”

According to skincancer.org, Mohs has a 99% cure rate for skin cancer that has not been treated before, and up to a 94% cure rate for skin cancer that has recurred after previous treatment.

Dr. Heaton says that dermatology is an especially rewarding field of medicine because of the visual results patients can see. “In most aspects of medicine people can’t physically see their problem,” he said. “If you have a cancer on your face, you can see it. There is a very high patient satisfaction to dermatology which in turn makes me happy.”

Additionally, Dr. Heaton says he enjoys the creativity and uniqueness of treating individual patients. “It is not a redundant kind of work,” he said.

As Dr. Heaton practices medicine, he says he holds himself to the highest standard, always asking himself what he would do if his patient were his own family member.

He is happy to be at Rocky Mountain Dermatology. “Dr. Young [the lead physician at Rocky Mountain Dermatology] was my dermatologist when I was in college,” Dr. Heaton said. “So, I knew firsthand and had also heard of his great reputation. Since being here, I have been additionally impressed with the concern the [office management] has for the well-being of their patients and employees. There is a strong emphasis on patient care and doing the right thing for them all the time, which makes me feel really good.”

For an appointment with Dr. Heaton, contact Rocky Mountain Dermatology at (435) 787-0560.