by Kate Petersen

Age Range Child: 3-10 yrs.

This craft was such a hit for my boys! It’s super simple and demonstrates how air creates a forward motion called thrust, which occurs when air is forced out of a balloon. Materials Needed: Tape (any kind will do), long piece of string, a straw, a couple of chairs, and a balloon.


First step is to cut a long piece of string and tie one end to a chair. Then, slide the string through the straw and then tie the other end of the string to another chair placed far apart. Slide the straw as close as you can to the knot on first chair.


Next, cut off a piece a tape and place it somewhere nearby your first chair. Then blow up the balloon but don’t tie it off, just pinch it with your fingers and place it under the straw. Then place the piece of tape across the top of the straw, attaching it to about the middle of the balloon.



Now do a countdown with your kids like they do for rockets at take off….”3,2,1….BLASTOFF!” and let go of the balloon while watching it zip across the string. Don’t be surprised if your kids will want to do this again and again….it’s pretty amazing and educational !