by Schae Richards, community editor 

Is your family getting ready to hit the road? Here are five ideas to help you have a successful road trip this summer.


  1. Travel bag: When packing, prepare a travel bag with your kids’ favorite snacks, activity packets and games, and place it over the headrest for easy access. It’s their personal go-to source for entertainment.
  2. Activity binder: How do you keep kids “happy” during a 10-hour drive? Fill a binder with coloring books, printables and other fun activities to keep them busy. Give them some colored pencils and crayons, and let their creativity do the rest.
  3. Dry-erase map: Have your kids navigate the way to your final destination. Create a map (or print the route from Google Maps), laminate it, and fill a container with dry-erase markers. This will help your kids visualize the progress of the trip, and help them learn something, too.
  4. Snack basket: Got the road-trip munchies? Prepare a few favorite treats and place them into a small basket for your kids to snack on throughout the trip. You can even make some for the adults!
  5. Storage caddy: It’s important to stay organized while on the road. Put treats, writing utensils and other materials into shower caddies, and attach the suction cups to the vehicle’s windows. Your kids will be able to access everything within arm’s reach.