By Emily Merkley, association executive, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS

WHEN IT’S TIME to buy or sell a house, you look for somebody who knows the neighborhood, knows the market, and who might give you a leg up on the competition.
A REALTOR is just that person. They understand the communities in which they live and work like few other professionals do. This close connection with property owners, renters, and small businesses opens doors and shows REALTORS some of the special needs of members of the community.

REALTORS have opportunities to give back when such needs are brought to their attention. Having a vested interest in the health of our communities, REALTORS are able to search out these opportunities for service and rally around people who might need a helping hand. This is done through charitable events, sponsorships, and service projects, which allow REALTORS® to contribute to the growth and development of a neighborhood and community.

The REALTORS® in our Valley recently had such an opportunity when they met Kevin and Pam Rarick. Kevin is a retired veteran and double amputee who didn’t have a ramp to the entrance of his new home in Logan. When the Cache Valley Association of REALTORS® learned that Kevin was having to crawl up to his door to get inside, they knew something needed to be done. They enlisted the help of a local contractor, purchased the necessary materials and worked together to provide Kevin the accessible access he desperately needed.

Throughout the year, the Cache Valley Association of REALTORS® also organizes events such as highway roadside clean-ups, blood drives, and property revitalization projects, where they fix and clean up the exterior of a home whose owner is unable to make the repairs themselves.

The Cache Valley Association of REALTORS® aims to stay aware, active, and involved. REALTORS® are deeply involved in our neighborhoods and towns, and, as some of the most active members of the community, are aware and ready to make things a little better and a bit more beautiful by lending a helping hand. With various projects that benefit either the entire community or individual members within the community, REALTORS® work to help change lives throughout the Valley.


Kevin Rarick is a retired veteran who lost both legs and didn’t have a way to get into his home. The local REALTORS® reached out and enlisted the help of Mike Hofler, owner and operator of Deep Canyon Handyman Construction who has worked for the past 18 years doing framing, flooring, drywall, electrical, plumbing, and other building and home repair jobs in Cache Valley. The Cache Valley Association of REALTORS® funded the project and Mike donated his time and services. In no time at all, Kevin had an access ramp that lead from his garage into his home. This ramp meant that he no longer had to crawl across the floor and up the stairs into his home. The room was filled with emotion and happy tears as Kevin was presented with and used his ramp for the first time.

It is through these types of projects that REALTORS® connect with the community on a level that fosters lifelong friendships built on trust, service, and a desire to lift each other, making this Valley a wonderful place to live.