What is the best variety of pumpkin for baking a pie? What can you do to extend the life of uncarved and carved pumpkins? Try some of these tips.

While all pumpkin is edible, varieties of pumpkin that are good for carving into Jack-o’-lanterns aren’t the best for making into pumpkin treats. Look for a pumpkin that is specifically for baking. Some types to try for baking include Sugar Pie, Cinderella, Blue Hubbard, or Long Island Cheese.

To extend the life of a carved pumpkin, soak it in a bleach water solution. Add one teaspoon bleach to one gallon water. Wipe the pumpkin down with it, or using the same bleach-to-water ratio, fill a sink or small tub and submerge the pumpkin for two hours. Dry the pumpkin well and store in a cool space. After you carve, seal all the carved areas with petroleum jelly.

To help an uncarved pumpkin last through the fall, clean or soak with the bleach water solution, and then keep the pumpkin off of concrete or the ground. When not in use, store in a cool space, between 50 and 60 degrees. If you use these tips, an uncarved pumpkin can last up to three months.