You may have taken notice to the recent influx of kids out and about and how many of those kids have been donning bright green lanyards adorned with various “Brag Badges.” What’s this all about?

For many parents the transition from having kids in school throughout the week to having kids at home ALL SUMMER can feel a bit daunting. You want your child to stay active, continue learning, as well as have fun, but all this takes time and work to stay involved with the latest happenings. That’s why Cache Valley Unplugged is so fantastic, it takes the guesswork out of what to plan by providing lists of family fun activities all around the valley.

As described on their website,, Play Unplugged is all about encouraging kids to put down their electronics and get out and play. This is done by creating a symbiotic relationship between kids, parents and local businesses. This relationship creates an incentive for all to participate as one motivates the other.

Cache Valley Unplugged provides a relationship between you and local businesses. By visiting the Cache Valley Unplugged website and selecting “Brag Badges” you can view the list of businesses participating and what’s required by children to earn the various badges.

To get started, you can pick up a lanyard at the United Way of Cache Valley Office (160 N Main, Suite 204, Logan).