written by Stephany Jenkins, Bennett’s Paint

Whether you are a DIYer or a pro, everyone wants the perfect color of paint. So, how do you find what’s right for you? Many people like to start with the Color of the Year.

Every year, paint manufacturers from around the world go on an epic search for their color of the year. It’s not as easy as one might think: There is a lot of science, psychology, and research that goes into this decision. It starts with researching the year’s color trends and current consumer mindsets around the globe. Not only that, but attention is given to trending materials such as textiles, wood, tile, and more. Colors are narrowed down to hues that create the feeling and mood they feel embodies what that year represents.

The psychology of color is quite interesting: Color can have a powerful influence on how we think, our mood, and our general well-being. Colors create many contrasting emotions. Red and yellow, when used together, increase appetite. Pale colors tend to be more uplifting, and neutral colors keep you grounded, whereas deep hues can bring drama to a room. Dee Schlotter, the senior color marketing manager at PPG Paints says, “Our goal is to offer the right colors to our customers so they can create meaningful and beautiful projects. We draw from nature, fashion, and color psychology to create an emotional connection to our colors.”

For example, the PPG Paint’s 2019 Color of the Year is Night Watch (PPG1145-7). “The color resembles the deep green hues found in forests and emulates the feeling of lush greenery and the restorative power we feel in nature,” Dee said. Night Watch can make you feel healthy, grounded, and calm. This color was inspired by biophilic design. This trending design is a way of reconnecting people with nature by bringing outdoor elements inside.

Benjamin Moore’s color and design expert Hannah Yeo said, “For 2019, we observed a shift where quietude and a retreat from the noise and chaos seemed to pervade the mood.” Their research led them to a color that created calmness and serenity. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, Metropolitan AF-690, is just that. This is a beautiful, sophisticated gray. It is calm and composed, while exuding glamor and balance.

A common theme for 2019 is creating a place of calm in a chaotic world.

Kelly Moore Paints’ Color of the Year is Peacock Blue KMA29, it follows this pattern as well. Mary Lawlor, the Kelly Moore manager of color marketing describes Peacock Blue as a “color that can optimize concentration, encourage deep meditation, and even improve sleep.”

After a seemingly complicated process, how does a regular person pick the right color for their home? Many like to pick the latest trend in color, but that may not be the best choice for everyone. There is much more to consider. Everyone has different colors they are drawn to and all colors have different hues and shades. There is not one color that fits all. There are a lot of ways to find the right color for the look you want.

First, start noticing colors you are drawn to. Do you like things that are bright, or do neutral colors make you happy? Then start looking for inspiration. This can come from pictures on Pinterest, a place you’ve recently vacationed, or fabric or textiles you already own. Looking through your clothing is a great place to start narrowing down the colors you are most attracted to. Unless you plan on changing your flooring and cabinets, you should find colors and hues that work well with what you already have.

You should also consider the amount of light in the room. Light can change what the color actually looks like in your home. The same gray may look slightly greener in one room or bluer in another. Rooms with north-facing windows tend to be a little darker. Whereas south-facing windows can make paint look lighter. We recommend taking a bigger paint swatch, or painting a board with a paint sample, and putting it in different rooms. Check the color at different times of the day. You might be surprised how the color changes.

Don’t be discouraged if the color isn’t looking exactly as you thought. The color can be lightened or darkened to get the right hue for the room. Color experts can help you find a perfect color by matching color from fabrics, or even pictures from Houzz or Pinterest. Come into Bennett’s Paint or visit ppgvoiceofcolor.com and try a color visualizer, where you can select a picture and then add color to it to see the effect.