Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Cyndi Caldwell has five daughters. She says as she was raising them they were always looking for places to shop. “There are some very cute places shop in Cache Valley,” Cyndi said, “Just not very many. It seems like for big shopping trips people have to go down to Salt Lake. There are cute stores, just not enough of them!”

She and her daughter decided to do something about it and opened the doors to their women’s clothing boutique, Kaboom, in July of this year. Located at 795 N. Main in Logan (across the street from McDonald’s), their vision was to have a shop where both Cyndi and her 24-year-old daughter and business partner, Montanna Bell, could shop.

“Our goal is to dress women of all ages with affordable prices,” Cyndi said. “We have loved having mothers, daughters, and grandmothers come into our store to shop together and all find perfect, classic outfits.”

In fact, Cyndi says that without discussion, she, her mother, and one of her daughters all chose the same dress from Kaboom. “It really is clothing that spans ages,” she said.

Cyndi, who lives in Bear Lake, owned and operated a gift shop there for five years. Montanna, a new mom, was looking for a new opportunity. “We were brainstorming ideas one day and I just said, ‘We should open a boutique,’” Cydni said. “My husband and I came across the building [where Kaboom is now located], and he said he felt like he was at home. So, we decided to buy it.”

Where’d they get the name Kaboom? “Off the cuff I said we could name the boutique Kaboom – like, ‘Kaboom! We’re here!’” Cyndi said. “Nothing else ever came up or felt right, so that is what it became. It fits!”

Kaboom is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You can also find them online at kaboomboutique.com.