Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Cameron Reeve has been a professional DJ for the last five years. He owns Reeverb Entertainment, and his business name says a lot: “Reeverb” is variation of Cam’s last name, but also plays on his commitment to sound quality, and “Entertainment,” well, that is what Cam believes sets him apart as a DJ. “For me, my job isn’t just about playing music – that should be an obvious expectation – it is about creating an experience. It is about providing the right kind of entertainment for the event I am working.”

Cam’s professional schedule is full of events varying from high school dances, weddings, and community celebrations to corporate parties, professional concerts, and major fundraisers.

“I work with a lot of different kinds of clients, so I consider it an important part of my job to ask the right questions to determine the experience they are trying to create,” Cam said. “There is sometimes a lot of stress over what kind of music should or should not be played. I pay close attention to what my clients want, and then use my depth of experience to ‘get’ their goal and make it a reality.”

Cam takes pride in the fact that his entertainment is not gimmicky or cookie cutter, rather, every event is unique with music sets, dance instruction (or not), lighting effects, and more, even when clients don’t provide a lot of instruction.

“It is my goal to have clients relax and not worry about the details,” Cam said.

The truth is Cam understands just how important the details are. “I met my wife dancing,” he said.

Cam says that a lot of what people remember from an event has less to do with what actual music that was played and more do with the how they felt.

“There are a few key ingredients that go into creating memories,” Cam said. “Yes, playing the right song at the right time matters, but so does the lighting, high quality equipment, the DJ’s interaction with the crowd, the volume level, and more.”

Cam says with the right level of professionalism, a DJ can take an event from ordinary to extraordinary without anyone realizing how it happened, which is actually why he got into the business full time. “I went to enough mediocre events where I knew what was missing, and I wanted to provide an offering of something better.”

Some of Cam’s career highlights include working to set-up the stage and equipment at professional concerts, like Journey and Imagine Dragons in

2018, providing entertainment for the Primary Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon at Weber State University last spring, and organizing and hosting a multi-high school New Year’s Eve party for more than 1,100 teenagers just months ago.

“What is cool about my job is that people are coming together for a common cause, whether is it simply have a good time, to raise money, or to celebrate a special day – like a wedding –, and I get to be the background for it all,” Cam said. “I get to put they right ingredients together and watch people actively create memories. That’s pretty awesome.”