Brown Family

Melanie Christensen, contributing writer 

One morning, Adam Brown decided he was tired of eating pancakes made with store-bought mix, so he ventured to make them from scratch.

Although he had no experience making pancakes, he became so determined to create the perfect pancake that he invented a new recipe every day for weeks.

His wife, Melissa Brown, was the official taste-tester for each new batch of Adam’s pancakes. She didn’t always enjoy the responsibility. “We tried so many nasty pancakes,” she said.

Some were too salty, some were too dense – they were always missing something. But one day, Melissa came home from a yard sale with a friend to a new batch of Adam’s pancakes. She took a bite. “Oh my gosh. This is it,” she told him. “I think you found a recipe that works.”

Melissa says she barely enjoys eating any other type of pancakes now.

Immediately, Adam dreamed of owning a pancake restaurant. That dream turned into a seven-year family venture to turn that single batch of pancakes into a fully functioning breakfast restaurant.

Now, Adam, Melissa and their three children are opening the doors of Stacked, a restaurant dedicated solely to those pancakes and an assortment of sweet toppings. One of their signature toppings is a buttermilk syrup made with their grandmother’s recipe.

The restaurant is located on 31 N Main Street in Logan, and the family expects to officially open its doors in late February.

Many community members are already looking forward to the opening, partly because the Browns sold their pancakes at the Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market for years while they were trying to find a location to open a permanent restaurant. They’ve manned a pancake stand since summer 2010.

“I remember the first time someone came up and asked to buy pancakes, I was actually shocked,” Adam said. “I was like, really? You want to buy pancakes from us?”

But business has escalated since then, and Adam said the pancake stand had many regular customers at the Gardeners’ Market in the summer of 2016.

“What’s so cool about pancakes?” Adam said. “I guess the answer is, ask the people who keep coming every week.”

Adam said the family’s experience at the farmer’s market has laid the groundwork for their new restaurant.

Melissa and Adam say they’re both nervous and excited to finally be opening Stacked, but they’re especially grateful for the experience because it’s brought them closer together as a couple and a family.

“We’ve been through the emotions,” Melissa said. “There’s excitement and frustration. We’ve had to lean on each other more to get this done.”

Their kids – Olivia, Teagan and Micah – have been involved with the business, too. They’ve helped flip pancakes at the Gardeners’ Market and clean up the new restaurant. Melissa said the kids spend a lot of time next to their parents helping take care of the business.

Adam is looking forward to officially opening the restaurant in February. He said he’s thankful to the community for helping to turn his dream into a reality.

“We wouldn’t be here without the community and the Gardeners’ Market,” he said. “We’ve got great customers that do come almost weekly at the market. If it wasn’t for them, I’d have some regular 9 to 5 job.”

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